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Why Buy Investment Real Estate in Metro/Omaha today and not tomorrow? By Fred Tichauer, Associate Broker Keller Williams

Real Estate Agent with Prudential Ambassador Real Estate

If you have been thinking of investing in  Real Estate for a while now, there is not a better time to do so. On any given day I see hundreds of deals on the Multiple Listing Service that make great rentals .

Real Estate has created more self made millionaires than literally any other investment and I personally know numerous individuals in the metro area that have accomplished that status.

Whether you are looking to purchase properties as a long term investment or to rehab and flip - real estate investing can be another wealth building investment option for your portfolio that can provide you great returns.

With the constant fluctuation and my own experience in the stock market, I think real estate is a wonderful option for those that are willing to take some risks.

There are several reasons why investing in Real Estate make sense and is one of the best investment options out there.

1. Above Average Returns - With real estate you can invest a small amount of your own capital with the potential to reap great rewards. It is not unrealistic to think of a 9-12% return on investment and depending how much risk an individual is willing to accept the return can even be higher.  

2. Equity- is the difference between what is owed on a property and what the property is worth. Therefore, now more than ever there is a tremendous opportunity that we have not seen in many years to buy properties at discounted prices .

3. Cash flow- One of the major considerations that should be taken into account is the amount of cash flow this property generates. A good rental will pay for itself.

4. Tax Benefits-Real estate provides many tax benefits that include tax write offs, business expenses,  tax depreciation, tax shelters, tax exchanges, etc.,. Anyone contemplating the purchase of a real estate investment should seek the services of competent legal and tax advisers.

Gets a jump on Real Estate investing by interviewing a Team of Realtors that understand the market and can provide you practical knowledge and are capable of guiding you every step of the way.There are very few business opportunities that exist where someone else is making your mortgage payment and your investment is working for you 24-7.

In conclusion, there is not a better time to begin the road toward financial independence by investing in Real Estate. You can call Fred Tichauer ,402-679-3914 , email: fredtichauer@kw.com, John Van Gelder , 402-871-5596 , email:johnvangelder@kw.com  or Scott Houck at 402-676-1008 email: Scott@FreeOmahaInfo.com . Also checkout:http://omaharealestateinvesting.com for useful information.

Fred, John and Scott have over 50+ years experience as investors and are agents with KellerWilliams Greater Omaha.