The difference between an adjuster and a repairman

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In the real estate business I am sure that you will get some of these calls.  They go like this "We had a storm last night and I had a spot show up on my ceiling.  Should I get an adjuster out from my insurance company?"  The thing I want my customers to know going into the process is that their insurance is fully behind them and to understand the process so that they will be completely satisfied with the result.  If an adjuster comes out prematurely they may agree that there is a spot, they may be able to give them an idea of what it would cost to fix the spot, but the paths may part there because the adjuster is looking for signs that physical damage that caused the spot.  If the spot was caused because of a general maintenance issue the customer is now frustrated and may believe the adjuster is just trying to beat them out a settlement.

I encourage my customers to talk to the repairman of their choice first to get an idea of what is happening to their house (if it is not obvious).  This does two things: 1) The customer is educated before they ever enter into a discussion for any settlement, leaving them feeling like they have more control, 2) The customer is hearing from someone that they feel does not have a vested interest in steering them in one direction.

The goal in the end is a thoroughly satisfied customer.  Good luck out there today!

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Rick Trowe
Cerium Learning - Tulsa, OK
Go With Trowe

I agree a repairman is not an adjuster - different jobs and different prespectives. Helping the client feel like he/she is in control is huge, even for not control freaks.

Aug 29, 2008 04:00 AM