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Medical Alert with NO Monthly Monitoring Fee - ONLY $69.99


Personal Medical Alert System with NO MONTHLY MONITORING FEE!
It's hard to believe that anyone would want to charge those that need help the most a monthy fee.

Our seniors need to be taken care of, physically, financially and spiritually. Why would someone take advantage of our seniors that took care of us and charge a monthly fee to allow them to call for help? Assistive Technology Services feels that is wrong. They have created the Personal Assistance Voice Dialer system to allow our loved ones to call family, friends and 911 in the event of an emergency for FREE.

NO Monthly Fees. Wireless Pendant and so easy to setup. ...

Personal Assistance Voice Dialer.

The easiest way to keep your independence!

The easiest way to call for help - just push a button!

Press heart pendant and help is on the way!

Instantly calls up to 4 people & plays message.

Person called can directly "listen-in" to the distress.

Never pay a monitoring fee! No Monthly Fees

Complete protection! ...

When an alarm is triggered, the Personal Assistance Voice Dialer will sound a built-in 85dB siren and call up to four telephone numbers (911 can be entered also). It then plays a message that you record and allows the person receiving the call to listen in. The system will continue dialing until the person receiving the call enters 0. Answering machines will not fool it.

Sets up in only 5 minutes! Easy to Use!
Simply plug it in. Program the voice message, the numbers you want it to dial, place the pendant around the loved one, run a test - then you're all set to go! In emergency, your loved one will simply need to press the button on the heart pendant.

Sounds siren & calls 4 telephone numbers you select (ie. neighbor, friend and relatives.)

Included with the Personal Assistance Independent Living System is (1) Heart Pendant. Simply push the Emergency Call button, holding it down for 4 seconds. It will send a RF (radio frequency) signal to the main console, which will trigger an alarm and call your 4 numbers in order for emergency help.

There is also optionally available 3 panic buttons. Place these on the floor, on the wall, on the night stand. Extra panic buttons are also good if there is more than one person in a house that might need assistance. Panic buttons work just like the emergency pendant. Press the panic button and the dialer starts to call for help.

No monthly monitoring fees!
Installs within minutes!
AC-powered with battery backup

Note: This system WILL work with VOIP systems like Comcast digital voice, Vonage and Magic Jack.

Follow this link for the Medical Monitoring System with Pendant: ...

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