Why Home Buyers Choose To Work With An Exclusive Buyer Agent?

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  1. Only an "Exclusive Buyer Agent" can GUARANTEE to:

    • Represent only their Home Buyer.

    • Negotiate only on their Home Buyer's behalf.

    • Provide the true facts (good and bad) about a property their Home Buyer is considering including:

      • value,

      • market,

      • neighborhood conditions, and

      • obvious physical defects. 

  2. An "Exclusive Buyer Agent" can DO A BETTER JOB because: 

    • "Exclusive Buyer Agents" have a legal and ethical obligation to put their Home Buyer's interests first.

    • "Listing and Seller's Agents" (or agents for a Builder or Developer) cannot tell a Home Buyer things that would be detrimental for the Home Buyer to know because they work for the Seller, Builder or Developer.

    • "Exclusive Buyer Agents" work to get their Home Buyer the:

      •  "lowest price on the best terms for their Buyer". 

    • "Seller's Agents" try to get their Seller the:

      • "highest price on the best terms for their Seller". 

  3. An "Exclusive Buyer Agent" OWES THEIR HOME BUYER DUTIES of:

    • Confidentiality - "Exclusive Buyer Agents" are prohibited from disclosing confidential information obtained from their Home Buyer to the Seller or his/her agent.  Unlike a "Seller's Agent", "Exclusive Buyer Agents" can't and won't disclose to the Seller:

      • the real price their Home Buyer is willing to pay for a property,

      • the amount of mortgage their Home Buyer is actually qualified for,

      • how much cash their Home Buyer has to work with,

      • or, the level of their Home Buyer's motivation to buy a particular home.

    • Reasonable Skill and Care - "Exclusive Buyer Agents" are required to:

      • protect their Home Buyer from foreseeable risks,

      • recommend their Home Buyer obtain expert advice when their needs are outside the "Exclusive Buyer Agent's" scope of expertise.

    • Undivided Loyalty - "Exclusive Buyer Agents" are prohibited from advancing any interests that are adverse to their Home Buyer.

    • Obedience to Lawful Instructions - "Exclusive Buyer Agents" are required to:

      • act subject to their Home Buyer's continuous control, and

      • obtain and follow all lawful instructions from their Home Buyer.

    • Full Disclosure - "Exclusive Buyer Agents" are required to disclose to their Home Buyer all information available to them concerning a home purchase which might affect their Home Buyer's best interest.  Unlike a "Seller's Agent", "Exclusive Buyer Agents" must and do disclose:

      • what they know about the Seller's motivation for selling,

      • the price the Seller paid for their home,

      • deferred maintenance or defects in the home,

      • price comparables for similar homes,

      • the listing history of the home,

      • potential problems in the neighborhood, etc.

  4. "Exclusive Buyer Agents" are TRAINED TO HELP their clients:

    • Find and negotiate for the right real estate,

    • Evaluate alternative negotiating positions and options,

    • Recommend the choice of a qualified home inspector, 

    • Recommend other professionals as needed.

  5. "Exclusive Buyer Agents" are NOT TRAINED TO SELL their clients a property.


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I would like to ask a question? As a buyer would I have the right to know if seller is in defualt of thier loan and may be facing forclosure, or if the house for sale is a short sale? Who would be responsible for disclosing this info to me? the selling agent or the buying agent?Do disclosure laws vary from state to state?

I would really appreciate your insight on this.



Sep 10, 2008 07:47 AM
Pamela Bell
Buyer's Advisors - Jersey City, NJ


I don't know where you are located but in Northern NJ, the buyer and seller  have their own attorney.  The buyer's attorney orders the title search and would know the status of the title and the mortgage.  The answer is the buyer's attorney would tell him.  Agents (in NJ) do not search properties in the court house and determine this information.  NJ does not require property disclosure forms with every transaction. 

It would probably be best to ask an agent in your same state. 



Sep 15, 2008 07:36 AM
Laura T. Perry
Keller Williams Elite - Lancaster, PA
CRP, GMS, Award Winning Relocation Specialist

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Jul 20, 2014 12:12 AM