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Hey friends...ok, it's been awhile since I been writing but really try to understand. I am a very active full time agent who rather spend most his time talking in person to his clients, walking with them from home to home, or with my sellers meeting them physically in form rather than behind a keyboard.

I am not condeming blogs or computer savy behavior. What I am doing is reestablishing the need for agents to get from behind the laptop a little more and infront of the battle lines. Where the seller lives and works, where the buyer dreams of buying and helping them realize that dream.

I shown homes to potential buyers who couldn't buy at the moment but have the ability to buy down the road say 6 months. I inspire them by putting their goal right smack infront of them. "You want to buy a house like this ? Here's what it smells like, feels like, looks like, now here what you have to do to obtain that goal, to accomplish that vision."

 Than keep up with them, once a week or every two or three weeks, call them, ask them how they are coming along.

Well, it's been a pretty busy few months. Lots of potential buyers that need to work on a few things, but hey the market is getting better for homebuyers, rates are coming down, and sellers are realizing actuality, not just reality.

Ok, so I heard that from a show on tv, but it applies still!

unfortunately, foreclosures are happening more and more every months, just last month on the Kent County sheriffs list I believe there were over 7 pages on the sheriffs list of homes being sold at the sheriff sale. Wow!

In a few months these homes will hit the market as a bank sale home and we all know what happens than huh?

So get your buyers prepared now for the juiciest time of the year, I think, LOL.

Well enough said tonight, but I will return with some positive productive news for all buyers and sellers. Oh, and one more thing, buyers, I know you heard this before but things you want to do before you get an agent, please! Really, we can't help you till you;

1st... Get Pre-approve!

2nd...figure out where you really want to be(County, Area, neighborhood)

3rd...figure out what you need and what you can't live without..

These three things will help your agent help you especially by not wasting your valuable time showing you things you don't want to see!

Thank you,

Your funny...happy realtor!

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