GoToMeeting Reviews: Before You Download GoToMeeting

Services for Real Estate Pros with GoToMeeting

You've finally gotten a serious bite on that commercial property you've had on the market forever. However, it's quickly become a logistical nightmare. The buyers agent is very accomodating but there is also three lawyers, the client company's representative and (dear God no!) the need for a minor zoning change. That's quite an orchestra to conduct but the result could be the largest commission of your career so far. You're ready to throw a significant amount of money at this to make it happen but you don't have to.
All of these people have access to the internet both at home and at work. GoToMeeting is a perfect solution for this situation. All the other people need, is access to a computer with a web browser on it like Internet Explorer or Firefox. Think for a moment about this. How often are all of these people at their computers at the same time? Send an email today and you are all meeting tomorrow morning. The power of getting people together to hammer out the zillion tiny issues that come up in a deal like this is incredible. Is it worth $50 a month to you? It is to me.

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