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I do a lot of online blog-reading, and some of my favorites have very similar properties; they are:

  • Authors who treat their blogs as a community resource, and write their blogs as such.  Writers who think their blog is an advertisement go, for the most part, unread.
  • Humour!
  • Those who take the time to personalize the theme of their blog really attract my attention.
  • Simple steps like adding your photo, editing the header graphic and changing around the colors can make a huge difference in the enjoyment of the article.
  • Articles that lack a lot of self-promotion are the best (for me).  I stop reading blogs that include a paragraph about the author's exceptional services at the bottom of every post (especially if this paragraph is filled with links!). 
  • I don't like blogs that ask a question, as if it will get more responses. If you want a response out of your readers, you really have to make it interesting. Before asking a question, make sure you're providing some content that is going to provoke us to respond!

While this post has none of the above, at least I have learned something for writing it...that I need to practice my blog-writing skills. 

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Angelia Garcia
Pure Realtors - Dallas, TX

Hi Scott,

take a look at my blogs and see if I lack interest. I don't mind the feedback.

Aug 30, 2008 03:11 PM
Lanette Branch
RE/MAX Components - Fallston, MD
Bel Air, MD Real Estate Agent

Good points, Scott. 

I also really go for blog posts that are short and to the point.

Aug 30, 2008 03:17 PM
BethAnn Long
RE/MAX Inland Empire - Spokane, WA
Realtor, CRS, e-PRO, Spokane Wa Real Estate

I agree, and I need to be more consistent about NOT tooting my own real estate horn at the end of a blog!

I do ask questions of MEMEBERS because I feel I am hear to learn from you all.

Good points, did you mean this to be a public blog?


BethAnn in Spokane

Aug 30, 2008 03:26 PM
Justin Ukaoma
Vizion KC - Kansas City, MO
Kansas City Real Estate Investments

Scott Great blog post I like the humor tie in at the end.  A big plus for me when reading blogs is having a lot of white space it makes it easier to read.

Aug 30, 2008 03:26 PM
Brian Burke
Kenna Real Estate - Lone Tree, CO
Broker & Advising Expert-Denver Luxury Real Estate

I too love humor (humour) and shorter and to the point posts. Sometimes I seem to get carried away when writing... great post!

Aug 30, 2008 03:34 PM
Esko Kiuru
Bethesda, MD


You said it. Blogs that self-promote are largely waste of time to read and also waste of time for the writer because they are not well-read. As they say, content is king.

Aug 30, 2008 03:42 PM
real estate real estate
Providence, RI


I hate those self-promotion articles. People who blog understand who is good  and who is bad through the articles.


I especially hate those who only write two lines. (to earn points?)

Aug 30, 2008 03:54 PM
Scott Owens
Scott Owens Limited - Halifax, NS

Angela - I read your blogs and found many of them interesting.  I like articles about real-life stories.

Lanette & Rita/Brian & Huiting - Short is good...I knew I should have addd that...but I agree that if it is a 1-liner, maybe it is too short.  Blogging for points only is bad.

Bethan& Esko - Self-promotion articles read like advertisements to me...I am glad that I am not alone here...I thought I might be being too "picky"

Justin - Thamks for the point about the white space...I hadn't thought of that, but it's true.

To clarify my point about the questions: I don't really mind it when a writer has a problem or question that they want support or advice on, IF they write a bit of a story with it.  I actually enjoy giving my point a view on a problem if I can help, or have experience on the topic...I just don't like seeing a one-liner question in a blog format...

Thank you all for your input!

Aug 31, 2008 02:01 AM
JL Boney, III
Coldwell Banker - Columbia, SC
Columbia, SC Real Estate

I love the self promoting blogs, but what can I say, I'm arrogant. Take care.

Sep 02, 2008 02:35 PM
Marg Scheben
RE/MAX four seasons realty limited - Collingwood, ON
Edey - Collingwood, Ontario

I think many people would agree with your points.  I wish I could stay short but I'm so darn mouthy!  I've noticed on my "outside" blog that I get the most traffic when I do a post on a controversial local issue rather than real estate.  It's such a balancing act.

Sep 04, 2008 12:08 PM
Scott Owens
Scott Owens Limited - Halifax, NS

LOL JL - I think most successful people have some arrogance!  I actually like a bit of arrogance in people.  I was referring to blogs which read like advertisements.

Marg - controversial issues are the best for illiciting comments, I have noticed.  My real estate-related blogs get almost no hits in comparison.

Thanks for stopping in!

Sep 04, 2008 11:52 PM
Elaine Stewart
Elaine Stewart is the #1 Individual RE/MAX Agent for 11 years straight in the Coachella Valley. (760) 668-2399 - Palm Desert, CA
RE/MAX Desert Properties

Great points Scott, I love seeing the different way Realtors express themselves here and tell their individual stories.

Sep 05, 2008 08:03 AM
Sylvie Conde
Sutton Group-Associates Realty Inc., Brokerage - Toronto, ON
Broker, Toronto Real Estate

Scott, at least you're writing a blog.  I go for weeks without a great idea (well, I have great ideas, I just don't have any writing skills, so the ideas are still in my head).
Good for you ... it's a great start and great information. :)

Sep 05, 2008 09:41 AM
Scott Owens
Scott Owens Limited - Halifax, NS

Thank you for your input Elaine & Sylvie. 

And Sylvie: just write; it doesn't have to be perfect (coherency helps though).  I find it's always good just to write as if you are talking to someone...the blog will be more entertaining, will have personality, and will be easier to read - everyone loves a good story.

Sep 05, 2008 11:51 AM
Michelle Finnamore
Toronto GTA, Alliston, Newmarket - Vaughan, ON
Preparing your property for sale

Good post Scott.

I am getting better at writing posts, it takes practice as with anything in life worth doing.

Sep 06, 2008 08:00 PM
Scott Owens
Scott Owens Limited - Halifax, NS

Michelle - you are going to have a tough time topping your golfing blog - I still laugh when I think about your 100 yard "putt".

Thanks for visiting.

Sep 08, 2008 07:45 AM