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Even with the majority of Hawaii properties being of Fee Simple ownership, there are still a lot of Leasehold properties in Hawaii.  Through the years, these types of properties are slowly converting over to Fee Simple ownership through the sale of the Leased Fee interest from the Lessor to the Lessee.

My company, Prudential Locations LLC has been retained by Kamehameha Schools / Bishop Estates to assist in the sale of nearly 1,000 of their leased fee assets that remain in their Oahu residential real estate portfolio.  They are now being offered to the lessees and to investors. 

Interested investors would have the unique opportunity to become the new Lessor (owner of land) of the property. As the new Lessor, they may take advantage of the lease rent income and zero monthly expenses while the bigger picture for investors would remain at the end of the lease when the investor would have the opportunity to take back the unit in fee simple ownership and benefit from all the appreciation that has happened over all the years. 

This is the the very first time that these unique assets have ever been available to investors to purchase and as part of the sales team, I am happy to be able to offer this exclusive opportunity to you.

This type of investment is ideal for many kinds of investors, including those who:

  • want to purchase property or multiple properties for less cash up front than in a traditional real estate purchase
  • have a longer time horizon to realize investment returns
  • desire a real estate vehicle to transfer assests to children or grandchildren
  • desire diversification of their real estate portfolio

If you are interested in learning more about this investment opportunity, please email me.  At that time, I can provide you with an inventory sheet and keep you updated with any future releases.


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Nice information shared. I would say this is a brialliant business Idea mentioned above. I have never thought of Leased properties. But now I can say this could be profitable.

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Nov 04, 2009 05:56 AM