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LifeFund - Cash Benefits for Financial Catastrophes, Chronic Illness or "Disability Insurance" and Retirement Planning-Oakland County, Michigan

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Why LifeFund?

You want to focus on building a long, healthy, successful life. But sometimes you face uncontrollable events that interrupt your plans: heart attacks, strokes, cancer, accidents, even death of your spouse or child. While you can't always prevent these tragedies, LifeFund helps control their effect on your life. More than life insurance, LifeFund is a product series that protects and provides during your most dramatic life events - critical or chronic illness, disability, retirement, and death.

Taking care of your family

If you should die, a death benefit is paid to your beneficiaries. There is also a benefit available should your spouse or child die prematurely.

LifeFund provides you with a pool of money that helps cover financial catastrophes brought on by critical or chronic illness or disability. Surviving these events could affect your ability to maintain your lifestyle and your quality of life.

You receive CASH benefits that you can use for anything from mortgages and medical bills, to groceries and car repairs. Based on diagnoses, benefits need not coordinate with other insurance plans. Better still, during the time of illness, Allianz waives your premium (subject to limitations).

Building a fulfilling retirement

LifeFund lets you look forward to a happy retirement, while protecting you if you become disabled during these years.

LifeFund offers a retirement income stream that you cannot outlive, with enhanced retirement values - up to triple the policy's net cash value.

Post retirement disability

Your retirement income payments increase for qualified partial disability, and even more for total disability. Payments will be made as long as your disability persists.

Why Not Electronic Transfer?

LifeFund offers the Automatic Payment Plan through Electronic Fund Transfer so that you may build financial protection simply and conveniently. It's easy. Premium payments are taken directly our of your bank account before you ever see it, so you won't ever miss it. All you do is sign up for Automatic Payment Plan EFT and let LifeFund do the rest.

$500,000 Lifefund Example...

Male age 35...Preferred... Annual Cost...$1,340...$500,000 Bucket of Money with 1st premium

  • After 30 years...$167,700 was paid in premiums and a monthly income of $4,764 will be generated at age 65...In 35 months the initial investment will be recouped...Less...If disability occurs
  • Critical Illness = $250,000 (50% lump sum benefit) Chronic Illness = $50,000 Annually (10% annually...Payment is made over 12 months)
  • Disability = $60,000 Annually (1% paid monthly...12% annual)
  • Death of a Child = $10,000 Per Child (10% lump sum benefit...Or $10k max)
  • Death of a Spouse = $50,000 Spouse (25% lump sum benefit...Or $50k max)
  • Waiver of Premium Premiums paid by Allianz
  • Death of Insured = $500,000 (Lump Sum Death Benefit) OR = $619,740 (Bonus of $50k...If 10 year payout is taken)
  • Retirement Income = $681,502
  • Monthly Income = $4,764 (Life and 10)
  • If Partial disability = $6,193 (30% increase in monthly income... Tax Free)
  • If Total Disability = $7,622 (60% increase in monthly income... Tax Free)


Ted Lewicki is the president of Pillar Financial Corporation located in Waterford, Michigan.  Ted will help you analyze your financial situation and customize a plan that works for your family's life insurance needs.  Find out more at http://www.pillarmortgage.com/




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