10 Reasons to be glad you live in Clovis, NM.

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In the wake of a slow week in Real estate.... I think everyone took a breath after school got started and we are all in preparation for the next wave of transferees from parts unknown....I thought I would make a list of reasons to be glad you are in Clovis.

1. Clovis has never been evacuated for a hurricane.

2. People in Clovis do not live in fear of hurricanes, earthquakes, nuclear war, tidal waves, animal rights activists, and many other natural or man made disasters. (Dont get offended - my mom is a big animal rights person and I own 3 dogs and 4 hampsters and love them. But we have few endagered species here and no one live in fear of losing their jobs beacause of prairiedog activists, though some have been humanely removed from construction sites. )

3. Most evenings are beautiful. Even if you do have a hot or windy day the evenings especailly in the spring summer and fall are perfect for enjoying on the front porch.

4. You learn to really enjoy a good thunderstorm and people actually come outside to enjoy the rain.

5. Football on Friday Nights. Did you see Clovis has a new artificial turf field? I hear its awesome.

6. You can see for miles. I enjoy the drive to Ft. Sumner/ Albuquerque where you can see the land just as it has been for the past hundred years. I had customers who got scared because they asked what was north of Llano Estacado Blvd. and I said farms? dairies? fields and the blue sky.

7.  Sunsets are better than TV. The clouds make you say wow and they are new everyday. Thunderstorms are entertaining and I can now get doplar radar on my cell phone.

8. The people that come and go with the base are great. Since we have such a big in and out turnover because of Cannon AFB, we make new frieds every year. Our old friends are all over the world and we learn about new places.

9. We get really excited about little things like new stores, new restauraunts, and new things.  We see people we know everywhere and are happy to meet new faces. We all pull togerther for common causes and are happy to help eachother out.

10. (Fill in your own reason here)

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