Intentions behind every force

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I'm reading Beyond Change Management this month and something I read is really making think long and hard. "How can we maintain our purpose and transform our core business to compete successfully in our marketplace?" I'm taking this quote back to some experiences I've had where I've had to decide between making a change, which was taking a risk, or maintaining status quo. One of the major changes I've made was going back to school. True, I don't need a degree to do what I'm doing. It was a risk because I was taking two years of my life where I would have to juggle work with school. If I hadn't gone back, I'd still be wondering when I'll ever go back to school- so I guess I had it coming.

Taking risks not only is empowering, but it gets me in that "gray zone" where things are unpredictable and where I am forced to change my ways. Events and challenges arise (not that they don't in the real estate business), and I have to think consciously, "what should I do here, this is new, and what are my core interests and values which might help guide these decisions?"

Thinking this way helps me when working with buyers and sellers, too, because I have to be open to the clients' purpose as well as the purpose of my job.  Not everyone's motives are the same. Especially when in the midst of negotiations. Seeking to find out the purpose behind one's particular counter offer may help my client more quickly arrive at an acceptable offer. Looking beyond what someone says, to see what the driving force may be can help anyone in our business. This, I see as the intention behind every force.


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Julie Hite
Guaranteed Home Mortgage Company, Inc. - West Bloomfield, MI

Today I went outside of my own box. For years I have worked with a handful of realtors who refer me clients and visa versa. However, many are not that busy and are only part-time now. I sent out a few contacts to some local agents that I don't know. I hope they contact me back.

I haven't done anything like this in years. It is awkward to approach people that I don't know, but I have to take the risk.

Sep 01, 2008 10:24 AM
Stephanie Jacques
Better Homes and Gardens The Masiello Group - Keene, NH
Stephanie Jacques Kleine

One thing I've done differently, recently, is network with business owners and put together a service directory. It was free to them, and I hand it out to buyers at closing. Of course there is a disclaimer stating that I don't make any representations about their services, and can't, but it has helped draw us independent contractors (many of them) together, and many of them also young professionals (as I am). Anyone will take free advertising.

Sep 01, 2008 11:08 AM