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The River Hills Yacht Club

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  If you live around Lake Wylie, SC, consider joining the River Hills Yacht Club.  The Club was formed several years ago to meet people, party, and have fun on the lake.   

The initiation fee is only 50 dollars, and, no, you do not have to own a boat or live in River Hills.

  There are usually 6 to 7 parties each year where you can eat and drink all that you want for usually 20 dollars to cover expenses.  At each party there is entertainment in the form of a DJ, games, and boating.  The year starts with Casino Night at the Lake Wylie Marina, and ends with the Commodores Ball at the River Hills Country Club.  

We have had the Labor Day party at our home for the last several years. This year it was a football theme party where everyone promoted their favorite College or Pro team. There were many games like kicking field goals, passing accuracy, and the favorite, chipping golf balls on to a floating green in Lake Wylie. All games had cash prizes.   

Most of the 142 members who attended the party, arrived by boat. Ten boats left River Hills Marina all decorated to promote their favorite team. The boats were paraded up on Lake Wylie to our home. The food, ribs and chicken, was catered by the Sticky Fingers Restaurant. We had a Karaoke DJ, and fun was had by all.  

Contact us if you would like to join the River Hills Yacht Club. The only requirement is to have FUN.

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