When Is Half Better Than A Whole?

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Have you heard the term "I want the whole enchilada?"

When it comes to enchiladas, I always do. I love enchiladas. I also have a predisposition for eating the chips, salsa, & queso, that are usually served before the enchiladas.

Truth be told, I am usually no longer hungry after eating the "appetizer" when the main dish is served. But do I mind? NO! I keep stuffing my face and my growing belly 'til I'm happily miserable.

I see the basket of chips on the table and I simply must dip a chip into the salsa or the queso. I think I will stop but as long as the chips are there, I can't eat just one.

Next, I grab a hot, fresh tortilla and put some queso on it. Maybe I will put some veggies or pico de gallo on it too. Of course the tortilla whispers dunk me in the salsa.


I know I shouldn't eat that much, but I have eaten too much time, after time, after, time.

I know one way to fix this dilemma but do not always follow through with it. I am telling you now in front of everybody, I will do this from this day forward.

Here is how I will fix this for me:

I will choose before hand to only eat half the meal.

I will place my order for the whole enchilada.

I will eat the appetizer of chips, salsa, queso, & the tortillas.

When my main dish arrives. I will ask for a box.

When is half better than a whole? When half a meal will satisfy your hunger and you can have the other half of the meal later - saving you grocery money.

When you are marketing your business or providing customer service it is NOT better.

Your customers deserve your very best, every day.

Your business deserves your very best, every day.

Your family deserves your very best, every day.

YOU deserve your very best, every day.

Of course, you already know this. But do you always do this?

Here are a couple of steps to help you

1) Make up your mind before the day begins: Today I will give my very best.

2) Have an accountability partner. Someone that you can be honest with and will hold you accountable every day or at least every week.

3) Have a plan for how you will deal with the extra things that will stand in the way of your very best.



John Tooley
John Tooley Insurance Agency - Owasso, OK

You are correct in that our customers and family never deserve less than our best.  Great post Rick.

Sep 03, 2008 02:18 AM