Maintance Checkup For Your Home~ VERY IMPORTANT INFORMATION

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Your Body Needs Maintance Checkups And So Does Your Home! (edit/delete)


This Post Is An Excellent Review of Why We Need Home Inspections.

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Professional Home Inspections

A professional home inspection is an examination of the current condition of a house. It is not an appraisal. We go to the doctor for physical exams and we have our cars checked up. There is no reason why we would not have our houses or homes checked also for upkeep and maintenance. A home inspection gives us an assessment of the condition of the house, its structural soundness, and the condition of its mechanical as well as electrical systems. The reports will guide us through the aspects of the house which may require expensive repairs, as well as those areas which may pose as fire, safety, and health hazards.

If we are buying a house, a clean bill of health helps us make that proper decision and gives us confidence that the money we shall be spending will be worth it. As a seller, the reports shall inform us in advance any problems that need to be resolved before closing the sale. We would not want our buyers to be asking for costly fixes or concessions. They should also feel good about their purchase too.

By keeping records of house inspections, we can fix problems on our terms for far less the cost compared with what we will likely spend if we will wait for major problems to erupt. This will also keep our house valuable.

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