Is Spartanburg SC the rare exception to this horrible market???

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 Is the Upstate of South Carolina a rare exception to the housing woes that are affecting the rest of the country?  Well if you change the word Upstate to Spartanburg/Greenville area of South Carolina I would have to say YES!!!  The Spartanburg/Greenville area of South Carolina is marching right along in the face of all this adversity.  Of course the changes in criteria required to obtain a mortgage has affected who is buying and what they are buying but overall we ARE selling properly priced homes.  One reason that our area is fairing a little better than other towns in the Upstate is due to the types of jobs that can be found on the Interstate 85 corridor.  Most smaller towns in South Carolina have always been dependent upon our American textile industries.  Well,  we all know that those jobs are being sent to other countries where the workers are underpaid and the quality of the materials are substandard at best.  ( I think I lose a button at least once a week so that shows that either the quality standard has changed or I need to lose weight.)  Sure Spartanburg and Greenville have lost some textile jobs but we have a steady growth of new jobs coming to our area from across the nation and from around the world.  Our population is in a state of steady growth due to people searching for a low cost of living in an area with mild weather.  My daughters high schools enrollment was up 6% at the start of this year.  All of these points help us when it comes to maintaining a strong market but I think that one thing above all others keeps us trucking right along.  It all boils down to the fact that we have never had an inflated housing market in  Spartanburg and Greenville South Carolina.  Unlike a lot of other areas in our country we haven't ever had a large inflation in home prices.  We typically have a slow but steady 3% gain on a yearly basis.  You may not double your money in 3 years time but you can feel pretty safe if you invest in a home in the Spartanburg/Greenville area with plans of staying 5 years or more.  If this sounds like your plan then you have probably made a sound and wise investment.

I'm here to tell you that this is an awesome place to live or vacation.  South Carolina has some great hidden treasures and some of the best beaches in the US. 

Come see what we have to offer!

Ray Crotts


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