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We live in such as fast paced world,running our kids to school, babysitter, and then off to work we go! Ok, I must admit I just heard Snow Whites dwarfs signing. Anyway, you understand what I am getting at I am sure. Then we pick up the kids and off again Sports, shopping, homework, dinner and whatever is added to our list of to do's.

Did you stop to  think of how many times we hear someone ask us "Do you need anything from town"? If your kids need a ride to practice, just call"  So why is it we continue to complain about THE CRUNCH at the PUMP? Many of us continue to make useless trips, or go to the store and leave our list at home. So here is my shopping tip to my self, E_MAIL the list to my self, then check it on my cell phone. Sounds like to much work and I know it cost to log onto that cell phone. Which is cheaper the back up plan or Gas? It depends on your phones plan.

As a mother of four boys, I must admit I love watching them and spending time with them. So I know it is hard to ride share with the sports. I really don't like coupons much either, just one more thing to keep track of. However, in the increasing register tape and the prices going up. I am glad to start trying to keep better track. Also, sharing the ones I no longer would use.

My family re-located last year to get closer to my husbands job. Now that has been savings at the pump! I am not saying everyone should move closer to work. It depends on where the job is and what the needs of your family is now and until the kids are raised. However, sometimes just moving from one side of the school district to the other to get closer is worth it now days! As for my family moving closer to my husbands job, we are taking the extra money and paying down our debt ratio, that had been going out in gas

So to close, I guess just count all the cost today. Find a way to cut back & spend some quality time with each other and the kids. Save up for that vacation, pay off that bill, or take a deep breathe and find a few extra dollars! Slow down somewhere in that crazy schedule and enjoy life!

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