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If you've been involved in a wreck, a tree has fallen on your car, or you have just gotten a big dent in the side panel from someone opening their car door haphazardly in a parking lot, you may be considering getting the damage repaired so your car can look like it used to. But this is a process you should step into carefully and know your options.


When it comes to traditional dent removal or repair you will be dropping your car off at a body shop, allowing them to do their magic, and expecting to get your car back looking just like it did before the damage was done, right? Not always.  It is important to know the process auto shops go through when they are repairing dents in a vehicle.


Once they get your car they are going to have to cut out the piece that has the dent. Then they will use another piece of smooth metal to replace that piece, and put it all in place with special bonding agents. Next they will go through a smoothing process to make it all seem like one piece and finally they will repaint the repaired area. This is often where the problem occurs.  From year to year the colors and combinations of paint change from car company to car company. Even the same color one year can be a little different of a tint the next. This means you're playing a game of roulette when it comes time to have the damaged area painted. It may match, or it may not.  If it doesn't, the dent that you thought was so bad before will pale in comparison to the obvious difference in colors of paint on your vehicle. For many people this means not only getting a repair done, but also a completely new paint job on the car.


What choice do you have? There actually is one more option. Instead of having to get a new paint job, you should consider using paintless dent removal instead. This is a process that will allow technicians to use specialized tools to work the dents out of the metal in your car. This means no more cutting or polishing or repainting. Instead the same piece of metal, which is already painted, will be reformed to its original shape, keeping your car paint the same color throughout.


Paintless dent removal isn't a cure all. Sometimes, dents are in portions of the car where this process can't be used. Other times, your collision or damage is bad enough that paint has already been removed from the surface and therefore has to be repainted anyways. But, since paintless dent removal is so much cheaper (a repair that would traditionally cost $500 or more would be about $50 in paintless dent removal), if you have to repaint, you will have the money on hand to get the job done right.


This article was written by Steve Leon of Collision on Wheels, a mobile auto body shop.  Finally, there is an option that combines the best of all the above.  Collision on Wheels comes to you, at your home or office, to repair scratches, dents and dings, and repaint to like new condition.  Unlike the above options, they do not do paintless dent repair, and they do not keep your car in the shop for days at a time.  Often, repairs are completed in just one day, on-site.  Visit to learn more about this company and their unique technology.  Steve Leon services Metro West Valley, Arizona, Phoenix, Glendale, Surprise, Buckeye, Goodyear, Chandler, Gilbert, Mesa, Peoria, Scottsdale, Surprise, Tempe and neighboring cities and communities.

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