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Hey Everyone, 

I hope you all had a nice Labor Day.  

I want to share a story with you.  My grandmother, who is 86 years young, does not have the best eyesight.  Fairly recently, my family purchased a 42'' high-definition television to accommodate my grandmother.  In general, the picture is amazingly clear, and with her vision getting worse, the large screen helps her see what she is watching.  

Being 86 she is not the most technologically inclined woman, however, she is a big email fanatic.  Through email she keeps in-touch with family and friends, sending messages and sharing pictures.  Every once in a while I catch her playing solitaire.  The problem is a normal computer monitor does not suffice.  We have tried a few magnification devices, but none of them seem to make a significant enough difference. 

The solution: 

We connected the computer to her 42" high-definition television.  The connection is as easy as plugging the computer into a normal computer monitor; and all you have to do is change the input on the television to "PC."  What my grandmother likes about it is the ability to go back and forth from cable to the computer.  

Visualize The Potential 

I guess if you are looking for the moral of the story, HD TV's are good for more than just Monday Night Football.  That is not to take anything away from MNF, of which I am anxiously awaiting the return.  I hope you all enjoyed my story, and, please, let me know if anyone has any similar or new and different, applications for their HD TV's. 

Talk to you all soon!!! 


Brian Castro

Virtual Vista  



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