Hanover NH Schools Part 1: Bernice Ray School

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Hanover NH Schools Part 1: Bernice Ray School

Why the Ray School has worked so well for us

We made the choice to move to the Hanover / Dartmouth area based on one guiding principle - find a community where our children would stay in one school system the whole way through. Giving a single, well-managed school system the opportunity to have your kids from an early age straight through to graduation means that the child's education has a beginning, a middle and an end with the continuity of a single philosophy. Essentially - kids are "fully minted" when they leave.

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So it was in this vain that our two kids entered the Bernice Ray Elementary School & we were not disappointed in the outcome!

The first thing that hit us was the dedication of the staff. I really can't think of any way that transitions into the school or between grades could have been handled any better. I think teachers have the autonomy to bring their own personalities and passions their classrooms. We feel that the process of matching the child to the teacher with the most appropriate teaching style is done thoughtfully and in our case, the matches worked out very well.

If you go beyond the experiences with classroom teachers and into arts, languages, special needs and phys-ed the school only gets stronger.

In a time when schools are cutting programs we are incredibly fortuntate to have nationally recognized art & music teachers and innovative cultural events performed by the children and in collaboration with the internationally known artists suchas Odds Bodkin, Tomie de Paola and The Loboc Childrens Choir. It certainly doesn't hurt that educators, administrators and performing groups on their way through town for Dartmouth events often make their way to us!

Need proof? Watch how many kids (kindergarten to 5th) RUN up the path to school in the morning! They aren't all running becasue they are late!

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