Scared Shiftless

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I spend most every day helping Realtors at all production levels navigate through the market shift.  One thing they have in common - whether a mega producer or an ambitious rookie - is the fact that most of them are scared shiftless!

What once worked is no longer making their phone ring.  They are afraid not to change, and even more terrified of changing.  They are apprehensive about making a move, therefore, they suffer paralysis by analysis, and are literally stuck. 

We have all heard the definition of insanity (doing the same things over and over yet expecting different results); and what most Realtors are doing is INSANE!  In order to take control of their careers, and get their mind around the market, they must learn to do the unthinkable, and embrace CHANGE. 

The only way to change results is to change strategies, daily activities and your environment.  I know this to be true from the kazillion diets I have tried.  First thing they tell you to on weight loss programs is to set a goal (strategy); increase your exercise and modify your food intake (activities); and go home and throw away all of your junkfood and find an accountability or exercise partner (environment).  Makes sense, right? 

What does this mean to a Realtor that is scared shiftless?  First and foremost, you need a new strategy.  If what you are doing is not getting the desired results - STOP all activity and change your strategy. 

Secondly, you must change your activities.  This means focusing on doing the painful, dollar producing activities like prospecting.  Make your calls.  Time block for lead generation, and focus on setting appointments.

Finally, you have to change your environment.  If your current brokerage is not supportive and does not provide an atmosphere conducive to productivity - get out now - otherwise, your results will be impeded!  Find a leader to navigate you through the shift, and support you in achieving your business goals - in short, find a DREAM MANAGER - a leader that is commited to helping make your dreams come true.

If nothing changes, then nothing changes!  Don't be scared shiftless, JUST DO IT today.

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