Decluttering: What to do with the Stuff.

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Often with staging for living, the homeowner is so overwhelmed and emotionally attached to their "stuff" the task becomes too large to know where to begin.

Here are some easy tips on making the separation more bearable:

Make 3 piles - KEEP - DONATE - RECYCLE  - everything has to fit in one of these 3 categories - no exceptions.

The largest pile is usually KEEP - an easy rule of thumb is don't allow the KEEP pile to be larger than the combined DONATE and RECYCLE piles.  Designating storage/display bins for KEEP and only keeping what fits in them is a disciplined way of monitoring it.  If it doesn't fit - it can't be KEEP!

DONATE can be turned into a moneymaker if you plan a jumble/garage sale for these items.  2 key points here - have the sale RIGHT AWAY - don't hang on to the stuff - and whatever doesn't sell gets donated to thrift/charity THAT DAY - again, we're not hanging on to this stuff - we're getting rid of it.


A good rule of thumb in general is "if you haven't used it in a year, you don't need it".

Remember, "stuff" can't make you happy, but a well organized attractive living space surely can!

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