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Remembering Basic Principles

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I went to a meeting the other day and heard a woman speak about today's market and how important just a few principles are right now.  I will try to summarize this in a few paragraphs. 

First of all, the media would have us all thinking that our economy is about to croak.  People are scared to purchase right now.  So what do we do?  We be positive.  Be visible, and be a marketing machine.  Keep in mind that these are all simple things to do but not always the easiest. 

Being positive is imperative in today's market.  People like those who are optimistic, highly energetic, and encouraging.  Many sales people don't realize the power they have to help others feel confident about their decisions; whether it be purchasing a home, or a new car, you are in a position to offer consumer confidence, one person at a time. 

The second item is to be visible.  We need to spend more time getting in front of our clients or referral partners.  Get involved in local chamber, committees, etc.  Increasing the number of people in your sphere of influence will always attract more business.

Last but not least, is to market yourself constantly.  Systems are ways to increase your business quickly.  Most superstars have systems for everything.  Plan customer appreciations.  Set goals to start systemizing one item at a time and you will be very surprised how this helps you accomplish more of your goals. 

These three items practiced on a daily basis will definitely increase business.  I, too, need to remember them and follow through with them regularly to continue to grow my clientele, relationships, and my business as a whole.

Hope this reminds us all of what we need to be doing!  Have a great day!