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Home improvement projects can be a great investment, but they can also be very costly. Homeowners need to make sure the home improvements will be worth the cost. I found some useful tips from House Hunt Inc. concerning non-profitable home improvements.

 High Maintenance Home Improvements- if the cost to purchase, install and maintain an upgrade is more than the benefits, it may not be a wise investment.  Home Improvements that need continued maintenance may not be a wise investment and a negative resell factor.

 Overdone Home Improvements-Home Improvements that make your home "too nice" in comparison to other homes in your subdivision is not a wise investment. It is not wise be the house with all the upgrades in the subdivision, it does not always raise the value of your home.

 Over Personalizing Home Improvements-Home Improvements that make a home to individualized are not wise investments. It may bring the home value down or make the home hard to sell.

 Unpopular Home Improvements- If no one else in your subdivision is upgrading what you are adding, it may not be a wise investment.

 Their final suggestion is to always live in the house for a while before you make you any home improvements. Sometimes, homeowners find that their original ideas are not necessary and discover that other home improvements may be necessary.


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