Blog success? Is it tone or content or something else altogether?

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I try to monitor the tenor of my blogs. 

Don't be too political.  Don't be too sarcastic.  Don't be unprofessional.  Don't be so serious.  Don't get too chummy.  Don't SELL so'll turn people off!!  I actually hear this inner-monologue as I write.

Yet, when I review my writing, especially after some time has passed, I find that I sometimes seem preachy, dry and only occasionally get my deeper points across.  It's true, I'm not here for the party-I want to draw people to my business.  GUILTY.  I want people to take me seriously but yet also want them to receive a certain "entertainment value" for their time invested in reading my stuff.

True, I am a frustrated writer (and apparently I'm not alone).  The kind who has alot to say, is capable of saying it well, but sometimes lacks the discipline it takes to really write well.  Funny, my work ethic is exactly the opposite.  I always allow extra time, I show up on time (usually early).  I meticulously double-check things too..perhaps a bit OCD.  I like things neat, but sometimes have a hard time keeping them that way.  Time management can be a problem too, when business is booming.  But, I suppose that is true for everyone right?  

I wonder about the little stuff when I write.  Should I add a photo or a graphic?  Is that just too cluttered looking?  How will it affect my meaning(s)?  Oh heck! I worry about the big stuff too!  Will my target audience be reached?  Have I been clear in my descriptions and with tongue firmly planted in cheek, have I brushed away the cobwebs and successfully urged someone to my point of view?  Have I motivated readers to see me as someone that they like?  After reading my post, could these readers be motivated to work with me-if not now-somewhere down the road?

This whole blogging phenomenon is a mystery to me... I know it positively impacts my business Google rating significantly.  It feels a bit like "voodoo marketing".  I keep doing it because I enjoy it.  But, I'd rather do it because I'm seeing results.

Anyone have blogging success formulas to share?  Like Ross Perot once said:  "I'm all ears".


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