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With 28 years in this crazy 'biz,' I'm active in a different bunch of forums, etc. Primarily, because there is sooo much bad information out there.

I just got off the Craig's List discussion boards. People are asking if this is the right time to buy real estate. "The market's down." "Values are down." "Can't get a mortgage."

We have to make sure to get the word out! The concept is "Buy Low, Sell High."

I guess a bunch of these people have it backwards.

When it comes to tax liens, the information is even worse. When my (now) partner asked me what I knew about tax liens, I told him that, just like most of the brokers & salespeople in the RE 'biz', I knew one thing: They had to be paid off to get the property closed.

The I looked much deeper into it.

So, I get into these things and post some information and hopefully help people.

That's what I'll be doing here. Hope you benefit from my, all too many, years in the 'biz.'

TAX LIEN Tip # 1

The checks you get when a tax lien redeems (pays off) is from the Taxing Authority. So, yes, it is a "government" check. But the tax authority is ONLY a conduit. If the property owner, or the like, doesn't pay the lien off, you get no check. Government or otherwise.


Be careful who you listen to...

Regards & More Soon,

Bob Gardner








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