Be a Rubber Band Head

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"Man's mind, once stretched by a new idea, never regains its original dimensions." Oliver Wendell Holmes, Jr.

Stretch ClassVery similar to the physical world like if you took a stretching class, stretching your mind in business and in your personal life, yields HUGE benefits.

I so often think as we move through life we become a prisoner of our mind. Limiting beliefs. Holding on to what didn't work in the past. Thinking scarcity instead of abundance. You need to break the rules. Make up new rules. For example if wanted to take six weeks vacation each year, can you make that happen? If you want to take your business to a new level, can your mind envision it? If you are moving to a new field like law or becoming a broker, what does that look like, and what steps get you there? Pose questions to yourself about what that new dream looks like?

What time do you get up in the morning?What are you doing during the day? To think that you have to do things a certain way, is a "self-limiting" belief. You also don't have to work with all customers. That's a huge belief people have a hard time grasping. Some never do rentals. Some never work out certain geographical boundaries.

BE A RUBBER BAND HEAD. Expand your mind and allow yourself to think new directions. Be flexible.

Remember, there IS NOT just one way to build your life. There's a whole world out there that is waiting precisely for you to build the blocks together one at a time till you reach the mountaintop.


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Susan Mangigian
RE/MAX Preferred, West Chester, PA, RS152252A - West Chester, PA
Chester & Delaware County Homes, Delaware and Ches

Hi Gary.  I was here yesterday and I can't remember whether I commented or not!  A.D.D. at it's best!  I love the quote.  Sadly, a body once stretched never regains it's original dimensions either (ask any mom!).  But having your mind stretched is a good thing.  I'm open to all new ideas as long as they are not forced down my throat.  In that instance, even if it's a good idea, I can't see it.  xxoo

Sep 05, 2008 12:05 AM
Mara Hawks
First Realty Auburn - Auburn, AL
Inactive-2012 REALTOR - Homes for Sale Auburn Real Estate, AL

Hi Gary, so true, and I like the quote... and, the body after pregnancy is the same way, for sure (also after marriage, a few more birthday parties, a few more this, that & the others...hahaha!) I do have to get out of my head a little more... the computer is like a magnet for my mind and it's often hard to pull my body away!

Sep 05, 2008 12:45 AM
Gary Woltal
Keller Williams Realty - Flower Mound, TX
Assoc. Broker Realtor SFR Dallas Ft. Worth

Jason Sardi: We are always growing, and your point about it being individual and collective is a good one. We affect others. We take others with us down our new paths. Great insight.

Lynn: It is all up to us. So true.

Hi Carol: A great positive statement of pretty much you can do anything you set your mind to. Great confidence you have set an example for all of us Carol.

Lenn: Learning is indeed like a bottomless pit or unquenchable thirst with many unknown roads. But it is so refreshing Lenn.

Hi Deb: I very much like the create your own reality thought. I couldn't find any pictures of a rubber band head.

Charles: That is like the strong wind on the grass vs. the stiff tree. The tree breaks, the grass just bends. It is a balance, I agree.

Martha: Your thought is kind of like being a closed vessel or an open vessel. Being open gets us so much further in life.

Valerie: Good point of going with change and staying in reality.

Marchel: Adapting in our business lives is critical to stay up with the times. Very good point Marchel.

Carolyn: I know you are growing EVERY day. I see it in you.

Hi Elizabeth: I knew you were one of those little engines that could. You just somehow God willing get the job done.

Richard: A twist to the mind will allow it to grow, or will they say we have a twisted mind? : )

Debe: Stretching in many directions beyond our box allows us to re-shape our world constantly. I'm glad the post got you thinking or maybe a reminder and you got to share with your wonderful husband. I know he's wonderful cause you expanded my world by telling me about him.

Teresa: I am glad the quotation was meaningful to you.

Lisa: Thank you. The quote served as my beginning point with this thought.

Fred: The "limiting belief" has to addressed and recognized. You are right that many are blind to it.

Fran: Great point that flexibility comes through work, which takes discipline and effort.

Jennifer: I thought you were a born explorer, always discovering new things.

Cathy: New things happening open new worlds to us.

Hey Jesse: Thoughts precede our actions.

Hi Don: Good to hear from you. Have a great day.

Hi Susan: You're getting like me with the A.D.D. What am I doing today anyway? I like that you understand yourself that a new idea has to become within you and be your idea for you to accept it or else you resist it. Points of self-discovery like that are very insightful. xxoo

Hi Mara: Yes, the stretching extends beyond the mind for sure. You're doing fine Mara in all areas. I wouldn't change a thing!



Sep 05, 2008 01:25 AM
Donna Yates
BHGRE - Metro Brokers - Blue Ridge, GA
Blue Ridge Mountains

Gary:  I just had to stop in for my motivational lift for the day.  You never let me down.  Thank you.

Sep 05, 2008 02:08 AM
Adam Waldman
Westcott Group Real Estate Company - Hauppauge, NY
Realtor - Long Island

GARY - Good advice for all.  I really like the Oliver Wendell Holmes quote about the human mind.

Sep 05, 2008 02:23 PM
Gary Woltal
Keller Williams Realty - Flower Mound, TX
Assoc. Broker Realtor SFR Dallas Ft. Worth

Donna: Thanks for your commenting. I love that you visit here.

Adam: Oliver Wendell Holmes must have been a great man!!

Sep 05, 2008 02:31 PM
Pam Pugmire
Silvercreek Realty Group - Meridian, ID
Meridian Idaho Real Estate

Gary, we really should put "No Limits" on ourselves! 

Sep 05, 2008 05:47 PM
Gary Woltal
Keller Williams Realty - Flower Mound, TX
Assoc. Broker Realtor SFR Dallas Ft. Worth

Pam: Where have I heard that No Limit expression before?? Hmmm.... It definitely seems like it has a Meridian, Idaho ring to it!!

Sep 06, 2008 04:58 PM
Susie Blackmon
Ocala, FL
Ocala, Horses, Western Wear, Horse Farms, Marketing

Gary, what a great post (that I missed but it was called to my attention early this morning by Elizabeth Nieves).  While I might feel I am blessed to have always traveled to the beat of my own drum, I do try to consciously think about, and admit, that I need to envision MORE for myself.  See.. in trying to stay aware, I was led to your post this morning!

Sep 07, 2008 07:42 PM
Michael Sahlman - Keller Williams Realty - Miami Beach, FL
e-PRO - Miami Beach Florida Luxury Homes

Love the analogy of being a rubber band head. What man's mind can conceive; man can achieve.

Sep 07, 2008 11:40 PM
Diane Bell, Hilton Head Real Estate, Bluffton
Charter 1 Real Estate, Hilton Head, Bluffton, SC - Hilton Head Island, SC

Our mind truly controls us (for better or worse.)  I really enjoyed your post--short and sweet but very powerful with message.

Sep 08, 2008 12:16 AM
Jason Crouch
Austin Texas Homes, LLC - Austin, TX
Broker - Austin Texas Real Estate (512-796-7653)

Gary - This is a clever concept.  I try to be a "rubber band head" about a lot of things, but there are  certainly those areas where I am more concrete, I suppose.

Sep 08, 2008 02:06 AM
Janna Scharf
Keller Williams Realty Coeur d'Alene - Coeur d'Alene, ID
Coeur d'Alene Idaho Real Estate Expert

Count me in, loved the quote.  I have been a rubber band head all along but just didn't know it.  Thanks for giving it a name!

Sep 08, 2008 05:16 AM
Jim & Maria Hart
Brand Name Real Estate - Charleston, SC
Charleston, SC Real Estate

It's funny how we do the same things over and over again, and think that it's the way things have to be done, even if we keep getting the same disappointing results.  Isn't that the definition of chaos?  I love the phrase you've coined because it's EXACTLY what we need to be!

Sep 08, 2008 07:44 AM
Ann Cummings
RE/MAX Shoreline - NH and Maine - Portsmouth, NH
Portsmouth NH Real Estate Preferrable Agent

Hi Gary - I've been trying to learn to cope with a number of new and unfamiliar things the last couple of months with the loss of my fiancee and business partner, so I know what that 'rubber band head' can feel like.  I also find that I participate in 'self-limiting' talk inside my head, too, and that causes not-so-great feelings inside when I let that happen.  So, I'm contnually working on this all day and all night, hoping to limit the 'self limiting' talk.....


Sep 08, 2008 12:27 PM
Julie Neerings~Lifting Hearts ♥ Building Dreams~
Agent Referral - Salt Lake City, UT

Ok Gary! Have I told you lately that I adore you and your wisdom?  What have I been doing over these past few months? (working my tail off!)  But really, you just say it like it is and there is no beating around the bush.  You know, even when I have been on AR actively reading your blog, something in my heart has been telling me that I need to find my way back to my friends because you have so much to share.  Thank you!  I'm e-x-p-a-n-d-i-n-g!

Sep 08, 2008 01:08 PM
Gary Woltal
Keller Williams Realty - Flower Mound, TX
Assoc. Broker Realtor SFR Dallas Ft. Worth

Susie: Keep stretching that mind. I think you are doing wonderful.

Michael: I couldn't have said it any better than you did.

Diane: Our mind either imprisons us or empowers us.

Jason Crouch: Concrete head? I guess that is where we just cannot bend. We all have to work on those areas. People just call me a blockhead when I am like that : )

Janna: Good for you at so easily expanding your mind. It is not easy for many.

Jim & Maria: Stop the insanity, and break the patterns if it is not working. Great thought.

Ann: Keep trying those new directions and think positively that they will work for you. Self limiting beliefs can really slow down our growth, and we have to work to stop them.

Beautiful Julie: I, personally miss you tremendously. Everything in balance with work and blogging and reading of course. What I miss FROM YOU is your sharing of yourself. I pray that again you will find time as part of your life to share again with all of us.

Sep 08, 2008 03:24 PM
Sharon Lee
Sharon Lee's Virtual Assistance - Jonesborough, TN
Retired and loving life

Hello my friend-Another stroll down Gary's blogging history. Very nicely said my friend. My mind has stretched a lot in the last 3 yrs. It is never going back to what it was before I moved to VA. I have learned so much. I have learned even more this last year. Yet so much more to learn. My rubber band is really getting stretched big time. This week and last week it has stretched yet again. You won't even recognize me pretty soon. <SMILE>

"I so often think as we move through life we become a prisoner of our mind."  As you know from our chats that I have experienced this for years. I do believe someone opened my prison door and I am free. <SMILE>

Sep 22, 2009 11:07 AM
Woody Edwards
First Choice Realty, Inc - Chesterfield, VA
A Realtor® Who Answers His Phone!

Only as long as I don't have to get in the positions in your picture.  This old body couldn't handle that, but you did give some food for thought!

Jan 16, 2011 06:31 AM
Steve Warrene
Your Town Realty - Lower Burrell, PA
Pittsburgh Real Estate Investment Specialists

Hi Gary, I know you blogged this a few years ago but I just read it and wanted to say I completely agree with you.  I try to learn something new everyday and that learning is something that will lead me to my goals.  Great post and reminder that WE are in control of our lives... our lives are NOT is control of us.

Oct 09, 2011 01:32 PM