Why Rent When You Can Buy???

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Owning a home can bring all kinds of rewards your way, whether they are personal or financial. There is also a personal satisfaction that comes with knowing that you yourself have a piece of the American Dream.

If you or someone you know is struggling with the decision to buy, please take a minute to read and fully understand what I believe to be the 4 most important benefits of buying your very own home!


1. Appreciation - Real Estate values generally rise over a period of years.

2. Tax Advantages - Homeowners are able to deduct mortgage interest and property taxes as an expense against income.  Also, residential investors may write off cost recovery or depreciation.

3. Being a Tangible Asset - Real Estate is seen by lenders as not only low risk, but also durable and marketable. This means that lenders are much more willing to loan a high percentage value. This then allows owners to benefit by having control over an entire "high-value" asset with a low initial investment or down payment.

4. Real Estate is Marketable - Homes can be sold at a predictable price to a dependable group of available buyers, provided that enough time is allowed to expose the home to those buyers.

Real estate provides its owner with valuable control and management of its value. The following is a list of the most common motivations that often inspire people to make the leap to homeowner.

              •Owning your home provides some buyers with a deep sense of security. Many people I've encountered believe it gives you a feeling of having roots and belonging to a community.

              •You can make your own decisions about design and décor'.

              •You have the ability to invest in upgrades that will bring you pleasure, and may also add value to your property over time.

              •You have control over your piece of property. You are not answering to a landlord.


Usually the question is whether a person should rent or buy. There are many different factors that influence this decision such as how long a person intends to stay at a specific address. The decision to buy has as much to do with personal needs as it does with the financial reasons as well. Do the math to understand the ramifications.


Take TIME to understand your own motivations before you rush into this decision.


Homeownership has its DEFFINATE rewards!


Make it an awesome Day!




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