Snohomish County Real Estate Snapshot

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Real Estate in Snohomish County has warmed up a bit over the last couple of month, but I think it is interesting to look at the most and lest expensive homes sold in the last month. The least expensive is a cabin in Index, WA. The cabin was listed at $45,000 and sold for $42,000 after 456 days on the market. It does not have running water or septic and is 120 sq ft. The most expensive home in the market, sold in August was listed at 2,250,000 and sold for 2,050,000. This home is lakefront in Lake Stevens and has 4470 sq ft. Below are some picture of both properties.

The Homes:

The Kitchens:

August Stats have not yet been released, but in July of 2008, 422 homes sold with a median price of $337,750. This is down from July of 2007 when 968 homes sold with a median price of $356,625. Currently there are 5953 homes on the market in Snohomish County.

The moral of the story:

It's a great time to be a buyer in Snohomish County! Home prices are dropping and inventory levels are high. Snohomish County offer a great standard of living with affordable prices for the Seattle area. Please feel free to contact me with questions about Snohomish County Real Estate!

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wow that cabin was a good deal

Nov 09, 2008 10:12 AM