Remodel Improvements that work for sellers

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Remodel Improvements that work for sellers

•1.    . update the kitchen.

•2.    ·Create new space in the basement or attic.

•3.    ·Updating or adding a bathroom.

•4.    · Replacing old doors.

•5.    · New Windows through the home if the windows are really outdated or just bad.

•6.    ·Detail the lawn, garden area  and Clean the place up

•7.    · A new roof and Gutters if need

•8.     . Painting the house inside and out

•9.     . Updating the Electrical Panel

•10. . Updating the Plumbing and fixtures

•11. .  Pulling the Carpet out to expose hard wood floors

•12. .  Replacing dry rot wood

•13.  . Update the lights


You can do these two ways. You can spend way too much and not get your investment back or you can put some time into looking for some bargains. Most home buyers will add the personal details that they wish for so going over board on expenses is not always in the best interest to you or the person buying the house.