Termite Inspections in Florida

Home Inspector with Home Inspector/Structural Engineer/Mold Assessor

Some key points when considering who to hire for a termite inspection in Florida:

1.  Hire an independent inspector, one who does not sell termite treatments.

2.  He/she must be an employee of a Certified Pest Control Operator (CPCO) licensed in Florida

3.  The inspector must show you their state issued I.D. card during the inspection

4.  A proper inspection should take close to one hour and will cost about $225.   A really cheap inspection yields poor results, and usually it is cheap because the inspector earns a commission by trying to sell you a $1200.00 treatment plan!  You cannot trust that, and it is a conflict of your interests.

5.  The inspection must include the issuance of a state prescribe report of findings.  It is illegal not to issue one.

6.  The inspector is required by law to post an inspection sticker in the home.




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