Stucco on Wood frame houses

Home Inspector with Home Inspector/Structural Engineer/Mold Assessor

The most common form of stucco or "exterior cement plaster", when applied to a wood frame structure requires precise and labor intensive installation:

1.  Wall prep with 2 layer of house wrap of with vapor permeability

2.  Plan and properly install plastic, premolded, joint edges and weep screeds.  no section more than 144sq.ft. or 18ft in lenght.

Note: steps 1 and 2 are needed to direct water, that gets behind stucco, to the base exterior of walls.

3.  Apply scratch coat.  Cure 48 hours with misting and rewetting twich each day.

4.  Apply  brown coat.  Cure for 7 days with misting and rewetting each day.

5.  Apply finish coat.  final overall thickness should be 7/8 of an inch.

Most installers apply stucco incorrectly and leave home owners with big water intrusion problems down the road due to improper drainage when it rains.

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