Why a Condo?

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Why a Condo?

There are several great perks in choosing a condominium over a single family dwelling.  Most condo owners enjoy the benefits of rental life in a space they actually own.  For example, most complexes have security, lawn maintenance, and a pool.  Every condo owner I've ever known can tell me the names of their neighbors and how long they've lived there.  In other words, there is a greater sense of community when you live close together.  Condos are also great for people who leave for long periods of time.  The condo owner can "lock and leave" withouth worrying about security or mowing the lawn! Owning a condo brings the buyer the same benefits of owning a single family home: pride of ownership, tax deductions, and resale profit potential.  In most cases, condos are less expensive than single family homes.  Living in a condo can provide you years of saving money, while not draining your funds into a landlord's pocket.

My only warning when preparing to buy a condo is to make sure you have all the information on the Homeowner's Association.  Most associations cover all exterior maintenance, but some also cover some of the utilities.  When determing what your future house payment will be, be sure add the HOA dues!

In Oklahoma the majority of condos are in NW OKC and Norman.  With the development of downtown OKC and Brictown, many new condominium complexes are being built.  They are expensive, but really cool! Imagine walking (instead of paying for gas) to work, and then Saturday night walking to your favoite restaurant.  Now realize you are living in OKC! If you want to know more about the new developments, please give me a call.  Ask for The Condo Queen.  I'd be happy to talk to you about them.


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