Short Sale/Foreclosures/???

Real Estate Broker/Owner with Moe Doyle Realty Inc

With so many short sales, foreclosures in our market place it is truly difficult to navigate in this industry.  So many buyers want a so called "deal" and I am not sure these properties are a deal.  But if you put those words in front of the list price they automatically assume bargains.  Radio ads advertising home for sale with no money down under $20,000, cheaper than rent, signs on every street corner "we buy foreclosures" cheap.... it just seems the bottom feeders are everywhere.  And it is truly sad that people become lured in by these gimmicks, this is the worst of the market.  With homes being on the market so long the general public need to be in the "buyer beware mode"... use a only seasoned Realtor and if you need to work an option contract for heaven sakes go to a lawyer.... just my thought today.

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