Mortgage triumphs !

Mortgage and Lending with Northern States Mortgage

Some times in the mortgage business it is hard to find a happy story any more. All you hear about are all the bad things that are going on. And rightfully so considering how we all got into the mess we are in. That being said there are still good things happening in the Mortgage  and Real Estate business. lets consider ; the rates are still historically low! As a matter of fact today we back under 6.00 % ! now that is good news ! There are still many lenders out there looking for good business, and there are still honest brokers out there looking to help out buyers with good mortgages.

I try real hard to make sure the mortgage gets done on a timely manner and gets to the closing table. I had an instance recently where a First Time Home Buyer was working with her brother in law who was an Attorney and a part time mortgage originator. Turns out she needed an FHA loan, his mortgage shop did not offer FHA and he just sat on the deal and didn't do anything. So the RE professional comes to me and says can you get this done in 3 weeks, because that is when the deal has to close. I say I will do the best I can do if everybody does what I say I can probably get it done. So we rush this deal and long story short we get our part done and barring any title issues we will close on time.     Well there were title issues and we closed a week later.

But I got it done. Of course with the help of a dedicated processing staff and everybody doing what they were told to do.

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