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When is Michael Phelps coming home to Baltimore?

Real Estate Agent with CBRB/zippy

Well, on my walk yesterday morning past MP's house, I could see that the ceiling fans were on, which probably means that the rooms are being aired out for Michael's arrival.

An article in the Baltimore SUN today recounted "24 hours in the life of Michael Phelps." It's title, IN THE FAST LANE.  A reporter asked: "You were a little famous after Athens. How much greater is it now?"

And MP's reply: "We had a guy chasing our car through New York City on foot, in the middle of New York traffic, trying to get a baseball signed. It's hysterical." So we in Baltimore had better get ready for what I expect will be MP sightings. 

On my morning walk today, as I passed MP's house, I met a lovely couple from New York, who are scouting for an apartment because Wendy starts a new job in Baltimore. James emphasized that they want to get to know the city before buying a house. They have appointments all day today to look at apartments, so I suggested that they eat supper at Captain James Landing, which is outside the tourism bubble and its higher prices,  and within walking distance of their hotel. Since the restaurant is shaped like a cruise ship, they could easily see it from across the water.  I'll pop in for a chat, and maybe they will be my next referral.  That seems like a helpful way to get clients to get to know me and when they are ready to buy, remember me.  

PS. I was SO tempted to tell them whose house was right behind me, but try to save the goodies for where and when they will do the most for me.  As my Greek friend, Ted, says, "Never you know."