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I had a buyer in South Orange asking for an opinion about the NW area in Hoboken and this was my response to her.

Please let me know if you are a resident of the NW area of Hoboken why YOU like to live there or the reason if you dis-like living there?

Dear JNR,

I believe that the NW section of Hoboken is a great area to be, especially after the Upper Grand condos have created a neighborhood there and expanded the NW of Hoboken even further. It seems that the area is being enhanced even further as there is a movie theater planned on 14th and Adams/ Grand and also a strip mall which should attract some nice shops to service that area of Hoboken. Transportation-wise there is the light rail on 9th Street against the Palisade and on 14th and Willow there's easy access into Manhattan via bus and if you have a car it's easy to get into the Tunnel to Manhattan or on Route 495 to connect with the rest of the highways. In terms of buying a property to invest; It will be really hard to predict the future of home values 5 years from now, however, historically and generally, 5 years has been enough of a time to create some sort of an appreciation. I believe that the next 5 years should do the same, even though my gut feeling is that it's not going to be around the same growth as we have enjoyed in the last 5 Years.  Personally,  I think that "Anywhere" in Hoboken is a great place to be, the city is small enough for you to still be close to the many amenities the city has to offer regardless of where you are. That said, the places closer to Hoboken's waterfront are in general more desirable, thus more expensive. So this all depends on your comfort level with the different areas within Hoboken and of course on the budget that you're looking in.
Please let me know if I can help you with some examples of properties in the different areas within Hoboken.

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