Rock The Vote!

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Well folks, Labor Day has passed and Fall (unofficially) is here.  The Olympics is over and the media is covering the Presidential election 24/7.  The Democrats met in Denver and the Republicans in St. Paul to nominate their party's candidates for President and Vice-President.  It's been anything but dull.

If the last 2 presidential elections are any indication of what's to come, we should see lawn signs going up en masse, and heated debates between friends, neighbors and colleagues as we get closer to November.  It has always been my policy not to bring politics into the workplace.  As a Realtor, your workplace is harder and harder to define.  Your office, your car, the coffee shop, and basically anywhere you can get decent cell reception.

Therefore, remember yourself over the next 60 days.  As the red states and the blue states, the conservatives and the liberals, the Yes We Can people and the Straight Talk Express are clashing over the economy, the war, taxes, and the're professional reputation is on the line (as well as your personal one).  Do not indulge in personal attacks or mud slinging.  Understand that difference of opinions, debate, and freedom of expression are what make this country great.

And Please, for the love of God, Allah, FSM or Mother Nature...make your voice heard where it really counts.  Get out there and vote on November 4th. 

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