Increased Productivity and a Great Tip for Blackberry Users

Property Manager with Investors Choice Property Management CAL BRE LIC# 01124954

Have you used your Autotext option to its fullest potential? It is located in your options area (icon looks like a wrench or a box with colored buttons on it, depending on Blackberry model).

The Autotext is designed to automatically correct spelling errors, but there is a much better use for it. You can create your own shorthand by clicking inside the Autotext, creating a new file, inserting the shorthand keystroke(s), then telling it what to replace the keystroke(s) with.


Once Inside Autotext>

New> Replace: tm

With: Thomas Martin

        Broker, ICPM

        (916) 770-9707 Work

        (916) 722-2121 FAX


New> Replace: icpmfee

With: Thank you for your inquiry. Our rates and services are as follows: Etc. etc. (you get the idea)

Basically, it means you can do a new file for every email you find yourself having to repeat. I have so many now, that it is very rare that I will have to push more that a few keystrokes to send an email response that is several paragraphs in length. If I type: inq (Thank you for your inquiry), appapp (we already have an application approved for this property, but we’ll keep your info in case anything falls through), piw (Please feel free to check out our website at, lmk (let me know if you have any further questions). Anyways, I thought it was a cool idea, and a great time saver. Working 7 days a week, you look for time savers. Good luck.



Thomas Martin

Broker, ICPM


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