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Is it difficult to find the home of your dreams? Log on to my real estate web page at valhubber.com and view all the homes Allen Tate Realtors has to offer. Homes with views of the lake, mountains, and downtown attractions are just a few of our properties. We have homes to full fill every buyers needs and wants! Caleb LeGrand of Evergreen Mortgage writes "What a difference a week can make. Oil has dropped nearly $10+ in the past week. The jobs report this past Friday showed the highest unemployment number of 6.1% since 2003. And the biggest news of all, the Treasury Department may step in and start buying FNMA and Freddie Mac mortgages in an announcement this weekend. This is potentially a huge impact as this could drive interest rates down very quickly (rates have been higher then they should based upon the current Federal Fund Rate, treasuries, and other technical indicators primarily due to the higher perceived risk associated with them, if the government steps in and starts buying these mortgages, rates could drop fast)"
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