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Camarillo Real Estate Heats Up!

Real Estate Agent with Somerset International

   Although the media is stating that there will be a 3-5% drop in real estate property values this year (2007), things are heating up in Ventura county and in particular in Camarillo.  The lower priced properties are still not moving as quickly as many sellers would like, but the higher end, more unique properties are moving rapidly.  We've seen a great resurgence in the market for these higher end ($1M+) properties. Buyers are excited about getting these "one of a kind" properties at a more reasonable price and while bank interest rates are still low.

  While, for the most part, in this business there are very few guarantees, the one thing a seller can take to the bank, is the importance of ensuring that their property has great "curb appeal" and is staged properly so as to quickly gain the interest of potential buyers.  A great source of inspiration and ideas for effectively marketing one's house can be gathered by watching A&E's television show, Sell This House!  Selling a home is a partnering effort between the real estate agent and the seller. Both need to be on the same page and of the mind to show a house in it's "best light".