Tips from "Handyman" Collin: Save on Heat Bills this Winter with Proper "Weatherizing" and "Insulation"

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Energy costs are constantly rising, creating strain on budgets and drain on bank accounts.  Here are some things you can do to now to prepare for winter: 


1.  Check for drafts around doors and windows.  Check the caulk around thee windows.  If it is dry, brittle and crumbling, scrape it out and run a new bead of caulk.  This will keep heat from escaping and the cold from getting in.  Check the weather stripping around the door to be sure it isn't torn; replace if necessary.  

2.   Install a programmable thermostat.  Studies have shown that people save up to 20% on their heating bill by turning back the thermostat when they go to sleep or are out of the house for the day.  A programmable thermostat will always remember to do this for you.  This will also be a great savings in the summer if you have central air. 

3.  Check your attic insulation.  Heat rises, so be sure you have adequate insulation in the attic.  An attic fan and proper ventilation is also important for the summer to keep the rafters from over heating. 

4.  Adjust your heat registers.  Close the vents in rooms that are rarely used to reduce the amount of energy used to heat the home.  

5.  Replace your furnace filter. Be sure to replace the furnace filter every month to keep the furnace working efficiently.  A clogged filter creates extra strain on the blower motor and restricts air-flow.  Also, have the furnace professionally inspected and cleaned periodically to be sure it is safe and efficient. 

6. Check your Humidifier.  A home with the proper level of humidity will feel warmer than one that is too dry.  Humidity also helps prevent health issues including dry mouth and skin, and upper respiratory problems.  Be sure the humidifier is working properly and there are no leaks.  

Taking care of these items will help to conserve on energy used to heat your home this winter.  The cost of doing all the above will quickly pay for itself in energy savings. 

This article was written by Collin Dickey, owner of HandyPro Handyman Services in Minneapolis, Minnesota.  HandyPro specializes in home repairs and seasonal home maintenance projects.  They can handle small repairs or do large remodeling jobs.   Our pre-screened contractors are licensed and bonded, experienced and customer friendly.  We strive for 100% customer satisfaction in doing quality work and cleaning up when the job is complete. services Hennepin County, Minneapolis, Wayzata, Mound, Maple Plain, Rogers, Bloomington, Plymouth, Brooklyn Park, Chanhassen, Excelsior, Golden Valley, Hopkins, Orono, Shorewood, and neighboring cities and communities.


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