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Mentioning the unmentionables!!

Home Stager with West Coast Staging

While on training with the CSP course, our team ran into a couple of interesting situations!  While looking for items to dress up the kitchen, we came across a huge BONG or water pipe, and found a big chunk of marijuana laying on the floor in the hall.   None of us wanted to touch or move it lest we offend the homeowner.   We finally decided just to push it up against the baseboard where we found it so the owner could locate it if he knew it was missing.

Bit of touchy ground because this was a training house and not an actual client, but we all decided had it been a paying client, we would have had to find a way to discreetly ask the owner to relocate the "unmentionables" prior to open house time.   Dirty undies are one thing, but illegal items are quite another!!

It was an eye opener for us all into just how "personal" staging can get!