That Girl from Brewster, New York

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I grew up in the Town of Southeast in Putnam County.  It was called Southeast because it was the southeast township in the Philips Patent in New York State. 

We lived about two miles from the little village of Brewster, which was on the other side of Marvin's Mountain from our house.  When we walked to town we would tell Mom that we were going "down street."  That meant Main Street.  There was a bank in the middle of the street across from the railroad station.  They later turned it into city hall.  Brewster was a small village of about three thousand -- much smaller than Marlo Thomas made it out to be in her 1960's era televsion show That Girl.

We lived west of Brewster in a little housing addition developed by Bob Gilstead on land purchased from the Bookbinder's estate at the bottom of the hill by Middle Branch Reservoir.  The development was called Drewville Heights.  Mr. Drew had been a drover back in the 1800's and his little rock "castle" is over by Interstate 87.

The train turned around in Brewster and headed back to New York City.  We were at the end of the line fifty-five miles north of "The City."  There was a round house just north of town.  In kindergarten we took a field trip to the round house and I was selected to drive the train.  I remember moving the little lever to let the engine leave its little room in the round house to go out onto the little table that turned in the center of the building.  I am told the round house is no longer there. 

In fact, I have heard that Brewster is completely different now.

In my heart it is still the same.

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You would not recognize Main Street now. Every business that was located there when you lived in Brewster is gone, except for Bob's Diner.

Jul 18, 2019 08:19 AM