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Ira Freireich
Best Buyer's Broker Realty - Valley Stream, NY


What isn't mentioned as frequently as the main post, is that it does have to be paid back, but over time.

Sep 07, 2008 12:08 AM
Janice MacMillan
ERA Joyner Realty - Valdosta, GA
Associate Broker

It is also taken over a sapn of a 15 year period. They only get to claim 500.00 a year.

Sep 07, 2008 12:19 AM
Charlie Ragonesi - Big Canoe, GA
Homes - Big Canoe, Jasper, North Georgia Pros

It is a little gimmicky for the reason above about the pay back. It is typical Congress sell the sizzle but when we get to the fine print we find the steak a little tough to chew. But it out there and they will see it on their returns if they buy within the proscribed time

Sep 07, 2008 12:21 AM
James Miner, Esq.
Law Office of James Miner LLC - Westfield, NJ


If your buyers meet the eligibility criteria they will receive a tax credit of up to $7,500 on their taxes.  This is a tax CREDIT not a deduction, so it really is $7,500 in thier pockets when they do thier tax return.

In reality it is an interest-free loan.  The repayment is $500/year over the next 15 years.

The challenge is finding ways to use the credit as an incentive to potential buyers since the funds are not available to them to assist with the closing.


Sep 07, 2008 12:52 AM
Rebecca Schrader
Competitive Insurance of Dundee - Dundee, FL

I think tax credit is poor verbage.  Since it must be re-paid, isn't this a loan?  Like everything else they do, it sounds great but in fact is complicated and time delayed.

Sep 07, 2008 02:00 AM
Salt Lake City, UT

If they sell the house in five years, then they pay back the rest in one lump sum.  They have to live in the house for 15 years to enjoy paying it back at $500 a month for 15 years.  Doesn't seem that great to me. 

Sep 07, 2008 02:03 AM
Tim and Pam Cash
Crye-Leike (Sango) - Clarksville, TN
Real Estate Professionals - Clarksville TN

It appears that it was more or less a spin on words.  In our area, many homes in the market turn over in a three year period.  Alot of our clientel are Soldiers and many of those are 1st time home buyers who will have to sell within 3 years - right now many are renting and will continue to do so in fear of not being able to break even in the market we are in.

Sep 07, 2008 02:56 AM
Janice MacMillan
ERA Joyner Realty - Valdosta, GA
Associate Broker

Mike here is a good post by Ron Bolton that gives you all the ins and outs of the FTHB tax credit. It simply is not as clear cut as they make it appear.

7500 Tax Credit FAQ

Sep 07, 2008 04:57 AM