Updates: More AutoPano Pro Screencast Tutorials and a new PTGui!

Real Estate Technology

We've been recommending that people use one of two panorama stitchers for some time now, PTGui and AutoPano Pro

AutoPano Pro works great if you shoot with a very wide-angle or fisheye lens, but if you're shooting with a 10-shot or 12-shot rotator head, sometimes AutoPano (or for that matter, most stitchers) have trouble stitching some images. This is really common if you're shooting a scene with large sections of solid-color wall or have the camera too close to the wall. With AutoPano when this happens, it can be really tough to fix these issues. We set out to find a solution and did publish a screencast on adding manual control points with AutoPano Pro.

In related news, PTGui has launched version 8.0, with many great improvements, including bug fixes, increased speed, and a much easier-to-use control point editor. I had pretty much given up on PTGui for stitching problem panoramas, especially after I had figured out the workflow in the above screencast with AutoPano. However, I just tried re-stitching a problem pano in PTGui 8 and the new control points editor made it MUCH easier. Also, a lot of annoying bugs have been fixed. So I will be giving the new PTGui another fresh look and consider recommending it again to customers.