Its time to re-invent yourself

Services for Real Estate Pros with Virtual Access Tours Monmouth and Ocean County NJ

Are you feed up with hearing that the market has died and we are all doomed? Well I am. Now I know we have all seen better days, lower gas prices and more customers but those days are apparently gone and its time to re-invent ourselves to survive. As the season changes its an opportunity to recharge, and restart  our businesses.

I took advantage of the   summer slow down we have been busy launching a new virtual tour division: Jersey Girl Virtual Tours, building a new website and working on free to very low cost marketing plan.  To pay for  part of the marketing plan we bartered for services to get free banner ads, increase our exposure and to form new relationships. We have created a low cost solution by offering a slide show services. See our active rain ad on your home page, its a piggy bank about to be broken. 

To further grow our company and expand our services we formed a partnership with a website design firm. This partnership will allow us to enlarge our scope of potential clients.  Web designing will open the doors to many more that at first did not see the value in virtual tour marketing alone.

Well now that Fall is just about here I am confident that we all have a shot at ending 2008 in a positive note. We'll be able to say that we didn't go down without a fight.

I invite you to visit my re-invented business

and our business partners

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