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Prospect, Prospect, Prospect

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Ask yourself the following questions:

  1. Did I prospect for new business, this week?
  2. Did I place a classified ad in the Daily Bulletin, LA Times, San Gabriel Valley Tribune, or another, this week?
  3. Did I Door Knock, this week?
  4. Did I call anyone in my sphere of influence, this week?
  5. Did I hold an open house, this week?
  6. Did I drop any thing off around the new listings of my competitors who are taking listings that I could have taken had I made the effort to prospect earlier, this week?
  7. Did I take advantage of the Tarbell Post Card Program that the company subsidizes nearly 90 percent of the cost, this week?
  8. Did I use the free farming tools provided by my brokerage to farm with around current office listings, this week?
  9. Did I order any new farming materials such as News Letters or Note Pads, this week?
  10. Did I stuff any envelopes with note pads "Free Market Analysis" certificates, this week?
  11. Did I use the "How much is your home worth" door hangers, this week?
  12. Did I send 5 note cards a day to absentee owners, this week?
  13. Did I preview 5 properties everyday, this week?
  14. Did I work the up desk, this week?
  15. Did I follow up on any leads that I received in the last few weeks, this week?
  16. Did I send note cards to any leads that I have, this week?
  17. Did I send Emails to prospects that I met at open houses, this week?
  18. Did I set up or update my FREE CAR Newsletter, this week?
  19. Did I send any CMA's to absentee owners, this week?
  20. Did I order a farm disk of 200 owner occupied homes around new listings taken by my competitors in an area that I would like to have a listing, this week?
  21. Did I send note card to potential sellers telling them I have a buyer interested in a home in the area, this week?
  22. Did I door knock in an area to find a seller who may be interested in selling to a prospect of mine, this week?
  23. Did I visit any garage sales to prospect homeowners and inquire if they may be interested in selling, this week?
  24. Did I ask my colleagues in the office if they have a listing that I might hold an open house, this week?
  25. Did I ask my colleagues in the office if they have any listings that I may advertise, this week?

These are the questions that you should ask yourself weekly. If you answered them "honestly" and you "prospected" then you are listing and selling. This is not to say that the business should be pouring in for you or that the telephone should be ringing off the hook, we are in a very tight and competitive market. What it does indicate is whether or not you take your real estate career seriously.  If you didn't answer at least 10 of the questions with yes, I recommend that you had better reconsider your prospecting activities for your real estate career. Or try this next week, substitute the word "Did I" with "I will" and your business will flourish.

Bill Velto, CRS, GRI, is the Managing Broker for Tarbell, Realtors. A Southern California based real estate company specializing in residential real estate. He can be reached at RealtorBill@juno.com