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My website is going to be hosting a place for all of you to share the beefs you have experienced with professionals in and out of your profession. We will not post false claims, allegations etc. You can start your submissions immediately and please provide any supporting proof you have, for we will verify provided information. Remember...this is your chance to share your experiences with other professionals in or out of your field. Everyone knows we need all the help we can get.

Most of todays generation has no idea what the BBB even sad is that?!!! We need to reserve the right to let other's know, when there are professionals out there that are not providing a service, rather providing a dis-service! Think about it...would you want to know if a lender treated your clients unfair, unprofessional, dishonestly and or preyed on them??? I know I would! (EXAMPLE)

So drop us a line and let us know your beef...and maybe you'll see your complaint in BIG BOLD LETTERS on the web! OTHER'S DESERVE TO KNOW!


Shane Jones of

"The Shane Jones Team"


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Alp Alkan

This guy is conartist he has scammed my friend and I on snow removal we did for him. He never paid us and will not answer his phone.

Apr 22, 2015 04:43 PM