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How do I add more value to my clients? A Home Sweet Home Inspection Tip

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Why do I like to keep up with what's going on with the Consumer Product Safety Commission or CPSC? I am able to inform my clients of any recalls or safety news that may affect their homes. I"ll receive an email alert from the CPSC. If it affects homes I will send out an email to my database indicating what the recall was with the link provided. It's easy to do and provides me with a little marketing exposure.

Go to www.cpsc.gov  This will take you to the home page. Click on "sign up for email announcements". You will be able to choose the type of alert that you want. This weeks alert is about Wolf Ranges manufactured from 1998 to the present. A delayed ignition of gas in the 18" oven can cause a flash of flames when the door is opened resulting in possibly burning the user. I do have clients who own Wolf ranges but none with this particular model.

This is another way that I like to provide continuing service to my clients. It's not hard to do and is beneficial to all.

Cherimie Crane
Cherimie Crane & Associates - Beaufort, SC

THat is an awesome service! I am sure your clients truly appreciate it.

Sep 09, 2008 12:45 AM