FREE Krav Maga Classes in Broomfield

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Perhaps you've driven past the Krav Maga gym in Broomfield in 120th and Main and wondered, "What on earth is this thing called Kraaaavvvv Maaaggggaaaaa????" (I would spell it out phonetically but I don't even know how.) I know I certainly did at one point and now I'm preparing to take the Level I (or yellow belt as it's loosely known) test this Saturday. Seems hard to believe!

For those of you who don't know, Krav Maga is the form of self defense used by the Israel Defense Forces. It actually means "close combat."

It's TONS of fun and a lot of work but if you're looking for an excellent workout and to learn some great ways to defend yourself I encourage you to visit the Open House on September 27th and take a free class! You can view their Open House flyer right here.

If you do plan to go, wear work out clothes (there are no uniforms for the adults - yay!) but remember it's pretty "hands on" so I suggest you not wear your "finest" work out clothes.

At 9:00 a.m. you can either choose the hour long Fitness & Conditioning workout or attend the Women's Only Self Defense class.

At 10:30 let the kids try the Karate Concentration for Kids class.

At 11:45 don't miss the hottest fitness trend around called CrossFit OR the Brazillian Jujitsu/MMA workout.

Finally at 12:45 be sure to catch the intro to Basic Krav Maga.

The gym is located at 6821 W. 120th Ave.

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